Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The 3 mistakes of my life : A Review


The book is largely about the Indian youth brigade and their sentiments. Their thoughts, their actions and attitudes is what largely gets reflected through the book.What follows is a mix of cricket,religion, business, love and friendship. The secular and broadmindedness of Indian youth gets reflected through Ish’s character. Similarly, the flavor of the entrepreneurial spirit among the Indian youth gets reflected through Govind’s character. Lastly, it is Omi’s character that paints the picture of those Indian youth who often get seduced by trivial temptations but then at the end of the day, they continue to possess a heart of gold and flings to action without worrying about their own lives, without remaining in the territory of
selfishness. Although Omi is found to endorse his Mama’s religious and political sentiments, when it came to the life of an innocent adolescent, he erased all trivial issues off his mind and went on to make the supreme sacrifice as a human being. There is emotion, there is die-hard friendship, there is romance, there is humor, there is ecstasy and so is agony. The patriotic sentiments echoed in the book especially by the little Ali is something that deserves kudos especially now when the country is going through a bad phase.

 The book is  loved by India’s youth since it is about them and echoes their emotions and concerns. It projects their thoughts on politics, religion and cricket. Above all, it salutes the never-say-die spirit of mankind and that’s what should leave an indelible mark in the minds of readers. It is an emotional roller coaster , made me cry in the end.  
 THE MISTAKES -{1}Govind Patel is a young Gujarati boy who has scored centum in Mathematics and aspires to be a great business man. He sets up a sports goods shop with his friend and partner Ish and Omi. Ish is a cricket fanatic, a district level player turned coach. Omi is from a priest family but not interested in becoming a priest. Track-One is how Govind aspires big, manages to grow his business and goes through its ups and downs. Gujarat earthquake ruining his over 1 lakh investment for a shop in a newly built mall is termed Mistake number 1. 
{2}Govind also gives maths tuitions to earn money and he is asked to give tuition to Ish’s sister. Vidya needs some help understanding maths and Govind becomes her private tutor. Track 2 is how their private tuition progresses to friendship, love and more, before finally getting caught by Ish resulting in collapse of their friendship and Govind branded as a traitor. Govind violating an unwritten protocol & falling in love with his best friend’s sister is termed mistake number 2.
{3} Ish spots a young Muslim boy named Ali who due to superfast reflex able to make mental calculations at unbelievable speeds using which he can hit sixes of every ball. The third track of the story line is as to how they struggle to make this gifted boy a superstar, buy coaching him, taking him to Australia and protecting him during communal riots. A split second delay by Govind in making a specific move which could have saved Ali from a hit is termed mistake number 3.

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