Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Women are not Commodities

. A recent rape case that shook the whole country - The Munirka Gang Rape Case. The social workers are all geared up, demanding justice for the brave heart who is no more. People are glued to their television screens at home and wish to keep up with all the latest buzz about the case. But, the irony is, after a couple of months, no one will remember who she was. The rallies and protests will all fade away gradually. The society will keep accepting minor rape cases until another one of them makes it up to the headlines.
Precautions are being taken, new laws are being implemented. But it isn't actually the law that needs to be changed but the mentality of the people. Girls are not something to be 'Used and Thrown'. They are to be respected. Each one of us should no that the pain and torture inflicted on the victims, both physical and mental, are incurable. The images and flashbacks last forever, preventing them from moving on in life. Their life will never be the same again, all thanks to those unruly monsters who savaged the innocent girl just a few moments of pleasure. Humanity is dead, already. Let us all pledge to not FORGET, the brave heart's sacrifice should not go in vain.

.There are some articles that are written for us to get a better understanding of gender roles, aggression and sexuality in India but there are some that are just striking fear in our hearts . While we need to keep sharing these links and letting these stories be heard so that it remains in the nations consciousness , We also need to be fearless and channel all this energy somewhere. We need to keep going out at night, taking public transport, wearing what we want

  ' We are the youth. We have to make a change.
Reboot, reformat and rearrange,
And never give in, no matter how much your head may spin.
Just keep asking the question,
Is this the country that I live in?'

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